To empower the students by increasing their productivity to reach the highest position in the desired field.

Scholastic Development

To gain better opportunities for higher studies and to understand the concept of research.


For informative progress, vocational advancement and healthy living along with a happy mind.

Psychological Development

For enhanced mental skills to increase attention, concentration and mental health.


Science Center

Inaugurated by eminent scientist Dr J J Rawal, Bharad Science Centre is one of a kind initiative by a private school to give wings to imagination of students.

Scientific Approach

Whatever your child decided as his career choice, we help navigate a route to their career success using a set of 108 scientifically developed modules targeting every aspect of learning.

Practical Learning

For better understanding of the subjects, we have Computer Lab, Robotics Lab (First time in Gujarat), Mechanical Lab, Maths Lab, Social Science Lab, Language Lab and Audio Video Room


To produce a body fit to house and to express an educated mind, excellent infrastructure for various indoor and outdoor sports is provided.

Value Based English Medium

For a better scope in higher education, we teach concepts in Gujarati language and technical, scientific and mathematical definitions in English language.

Experience the Expert

The students will be under direct observation and guidance of prominant educationalist Shri Gijubhai Bharad